Monday, 3 September 2012

Matsushima and Yamadera, revisited in the sunshine

I've posted before about previous trips to Matsushima and Yamadera, but when we revisited with John's parents, the weather was a bit sunnier, especially at Yamadera. At Matsushima, we did a couple of different things to last time: we took a boat trip round the islands and watched a bit of the "Miyagi International Hero Summit" (don't ask) that we happened upon. 

Although the boat trip is supposed to all about the pretty islands, it's really about feeding the seagulls that flock around the boat! 

Everyone got very excited at this particular island. No idea why.

Nothing says Miyagi Summertime like ice-creams decorated as Date Masamune. 

Date Masamujohn.

I love sunshine through the trees

He's a bit sunnier than last time we met! 

Miyagi International Hero's Summit. Don't ask me what it was for or why. It baffled my brain too.

Crocodiles with platform shoes, scary fish men and a power ranger wielding a large phallic object. What more do you want from a Sunday day trip?!

View from the top of Yamadera in the sunshine. Gorgeous!

Very hot, but we made it!

Quintessential Yamadera shot

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