Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Akiu Falls, without the rain

I've mentioned Akiu Great Falls before, in this post about our very soggy bike ride. But, since we were exhausted and soaking wet, I'm not sure we got the most out of that visit! So when our friend Shoko suggested a day trip by car, we jumped at the chance! It was a gorgeously summery day, so we packed our swimming things and had a lovely time playing around outside!

Lunch of somen, with konnyaku and pickles

Dipping our toes in the river

Getting a bit deeper! We did go all the way in and had a lovely little swim in the waterfall pool, but no photos of that, for obvious reasons! 
(Also, clock the elegant lady with the parasol in the background...)

Me and the waterfall

Remember that lady? Well, you can just make her out on the left of the photo. I had to scramble on all fours to get up there, but she managed to make it look like a promenade! 

Bye waterfall! 

On the walk back to the car, we saw this monkey by the side of the road. I'm guessing from the red thing round his neck that he's a pet, but I don't know why he was sitting here by himself.


  1. That parasol photo is just brilliant. Please tell me she wasn't wearing high heels, too?! ;)

    1. Nope, she had her shoes off and her dress rolled up round her thighs! She was hilarious!