Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tokyo Trip 2: Places we Went and Things we Saw

Banana vending machine

Tokyo Sky Tree

John being inappropriate with the statues

John and his parents enjoying a boat trip from Asakusa to Hamarikyu gardens. It was a lovely thing to do on a hot, summer day! 

Watching the world go by

Tokyo Sky Tree from Hamarikyu Gardens

I would love to live in one of those skyscrapers, overlooking this garden and the river and harbour behind it.

This little bear is having a rather lonely summer festival! 

Tokyo tower

Following instructions, I went to Maruyama Kofun, an ancient grave site near the Tokyo tower. It provided a lovely shadowy escape from the august heat. 

John relaxing under the trees

Tokyo tower

Shinjuku by night

We made a visit to Yasakuni Shrine, the controversial shrine to Japan's war dead (including 14 class A war criminals, which is naturally where the controversy comes in!). If you didn't already know what it was a shrine to, you'd never be able to tell from the peaceful and serene surroundings. 

Although the right wing museum next door might give it away! We didn't go around it,  but you only need to peek into the lobby to realise where it's views lie. Any museum that celebrates the building of a railway that killed 106,000 PoW and forced labourers isn't exactly aiming for world wide peace. 

Adverts for a robot cafe. Naturally.

Yakiniku alley, next to Shinjuku station


  1. Finally, another iffy John pose! I was beginning to think he'd become respectable!

    That river trip is gorgeous indeed, and I'm very happy that you obediently followed your friendly local foreign guide's instructions. Good girl! :D

    PS: Towers, bananas and X-rated robot cafes. Hmm. What have we here? Another blog to be worried about? ;)

    1. John'll never become respectable!

      I did have a minor breakdown on the way there (this is a standard state of affairs, just ask John!) because your post didn't have very specific directions. We ended up wandering through the hotel by accident, but eventually made our way there!

      PS - At least my bananas are just relaxing and not procreating like your trees!

  2. A banana vending machine!

    How come I never come across that??!!!

    p.s. towers, bananas and robot cafes... you missed the iffy looking Noppon, or what I like to call, a pink walking condom.

    1. I haven't seen one before either. It's a good idea, but there's no way I'm paying ¥150 for a banana! I just took a photo then went to the supermarket!

      Ahahaha, a quick google showed me what you mean. I'm sad I missed them...Tokyo has too much weird stuff for one visit!