Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tokyo Trip 2: Keio Plaza

Despite what our Taiwan trip might have made you think, John and I don't usually bother with fancy hotels. We usually stay somewhere cheap, then spend our whole holiday (except for compulsory sleeping time) elsewhere. However, John's Mum does like nice hotels, and for our recent trip to Tokyo, she insisted on putting us up in the Keio Plaza, near Shinjuku station. Our (very nice) room was on the 33rd floor, and the view was gorgeous. No photos of the room, because I spent the whole time we were there gazing out the window! Plus, a bit of sweet talking on the part of John's Dad, and we all got complimentary passes to use the club room on the 34th floor, with drinks and snacks (including cheese, yummmmm) for the duration of our stay. Although we dragged ourselves away to explore Tokyo, I think it would have taken me a long time to get bored of this view!

View on the first morning, Fuji in the background. Apparently you can only see it about 100 days a year, mostly in the winter when it's clearer, so we were really lucky to get a view on 3 of the 4 days we were there.

View from the Club Room across central Tokyo to the Sky Tree

View from our room at night. Building on the left is where they filmed Lost in Translation, and the one on the right is the Metropolitan Building (which you can go up for a free view like these!)

Wine plus view plus cheese makes us happy! 

Fuji on our last morning

Scarlett Johansson, eat your heart out. 

PS - More variety next time, I promise! 


  1. Such a beautiful view! I love the last picture of you!


    1. Thank you :) It was an awesome view *(^-^)*

  2. Lovely photos, especially that Scarlett one!

    I'm always happy to see Sky Tree, despite the fact that I can also see it right now, right here, if I simply turn my head a few degrees left. :)

    PS: Did you hear the cicadas in the zelkova trees in front of the hotel?

    1. Love that Scarlett one too!

    2. Are you trying to make us all jealous with your constant gorgeous Tokyo skyline view?! Oh well, I suppose I'll be contented with the rice fields and mountains!

      Yes I did, they were very loud!

      Thanks, and to you too Lina! When I saw our view I had to do a quick recreation! Tried to pursuade John to do the Bill Murray one, sitting on the bed, but he wasn't co-operating!

  3. Looks fantastic - almost tempts me to spend a fortune on a swanky hotel for us?!? Maybe giving Dad a heart-attack at the cost isn't worth the view!

    Sharon has lent us 'Lost in Translation' to watch before we come over - I'll be on the look-out for when SJ looks like you :)

    1. Haha maybe a free trip up the Metropolitan building would suit better?! And we'll go hiking round Fuji for the nice views too!

      SJ sits like this for a good 50% of the film. I just hope I'm not as petulant and sulky as her. It's got some nice shots of Japan, but I think it's a pretty rubbish film!