Friday, 20 July 2012

Bike Ride in the Sun

For the last couple of weeks, for the most part the weather has been gorgeous. Hot and sunny and lovely. We've been out and about in it quite a bit (largely because it's turned our apartment into a sauna). Last week, one day was so especially gorgeous that despite the fact I had work in the evening, we decided to make the most of it. Photos below ^-^

PS - British people, just so you don't hate me, the weather has now turned and is cold and there's rain forecast. You've apparently stolen our sun. And you should all read this, because it's hilarious.

Biking out of our town towards Sendai, view along the river

I'd passed this intriguing staircase before, but never had time to go up it, but I'm glad we did this time.

At the top is a lovely temple, surrounded by buddha statues and trees.

There is apparently a rabbit theme to this temple. There was only Japanese info, so I have no idea why, but the only info I can find about Buddhist rabbits is to do with the rabbit in the moon, so perhaps it has something to do with that?

Rabbits on the roof

One of the many lovely statues. 

From Buddhism to Shinto...we stopped off at Osaki Hachimangu Shrine

And tanabata had already started. Doesn't the paper look lovely?

Everyone's wishes for the next year. I haven't written mine yet, but I will.

Our bikes, with the Sendai skyline.

I would love to live on the top floor on the apartment block in the centre of this photo.

After some shopping, we headed to Tsutsujigaoka part for some sunbathing, reading and people (and dog) watching.

I had to go to work then for a few hours, so I surrendered the camera to John, who took this photo of a ridiculous car park...

...but also this lovely photo of his bike ride home.

We wanted to go for sushi for dinner, but by the time I'd biked the 15km back from school it was 10pm and the restaurant was closed. So we bought half price sashimi and pizza, and curled up in bed, and ate and watched Once Upon a Time, our current TV show obsession! 

It was a lovely, lovely day, and as soon as the sun comes back out, we're planning to have many many more!


  1. Not saying it applies to this particular temple, but in Buddhism, the rabbit is a symbol of self-sacrifice. It's said that when Buddha was starving, the rabbit threw itself into a fire to feed Buddha. The rabbit's reward was a new home on the moon.

    Fortunately you guys had pizza and sashimi (together?!), so rabbit self-immolation wasn't required. :)

    1. Yup, I read that. I'll have to go back to the temple and see if I can decipher any of the info about it. The rabbits everywhere were so cute, plus I loved how it was nestled in the trees. If all temples were like this, I'd become as obsessed as you!!

      Hmm yeah we did have them together...globalisation at it's best! English people, Japanese and Italian food and American TV. Genius.

    2. The rabbits are cute... but the stairs getting to the rabbits... ugh

    3. At least I'm not crazy enough to try and run up it!!