Thursday, 19 July 2012

My Week: Around and About

These photos are a really random selection! I've re-starting taking photos of all the random things I find. I'd stopped doing it, but then I've just started re-noticing all the Japan-y thing! Plus, it's summer, and so people and things and nature are all prettier and just clamour  to be photographed! 

"You can be a drag queen" for the bargain price of ¥100!

Pikachu smiling at us from the opposing train

Rurousha and Lina, this one is for you! 

I bought a yukata, to be worn to tanabata :)

My Japanese tutor decided that we could have a summer break yesterday, and so we made this gorgeous book instead of studying!

And then she fed me pomegranate juice and macaroons!

The rice and the greenery are both growing fast!

A funny dancing bird/castle, advertising a festival in Aomori

Our friend moved into a new apartment, and we went round to see it...

...and cook and eat Mexican food!


  1. I wish our trains had pikachu on them!!

    You look so pretty in your yukata thingy!!!

  2. Beautiful yukata! Folded left over right? ;)

    I wish I had photocopies of that poster to distribute to offenders in trains. Problem is, though, some people have pretty big bottoms! :(

    1. I couldn't remember which way round was the correct one, hence the fact this photo is taken from the back, so the Japanese friend I wanted to show it to(and you apparently!) wouldn't judge me if I did it the wrong way!!

      Haha, generally Japanese bottoms aren't that big though(as John will disappointedly tell you!). Anyway, if your seat space is based on bottom size, I get a pretty good portion!