Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ayashi Reservoir

Back in March, I posted these photos of a reservoir in Ayashi, not too far from our house. It was beautiful in the ice and snow, but I think it's even more lovely now there's greenery everywhere! We stopped at a sushi restaurant for lunch on the way, then spent a couple of hours wandering all the way round the reservoir, taking some photos and enjoying the nice weather.  


View was a lot hazier, but also a lot greener than in March

Lovely and peaceful

Row of fishermen. It looks very sociable...

...but I think I'd prefer the solitude of these two.

I think these are Japanese Serow, we came across the two of them on the path, and they obligingly stayed for a couple of photos, before running away and letting us safely continue!

Hiding in the undergrowth

View from the opposite end

Whenever I give John the camera, I end up with random photos of strange bugs.


  1. Fishermen! :D Those guys are clearly not doing fly fishing. Can't be social doing fly fishing - you need to much space to fling that line all the way to outer space and beyond. :p

    Yup, summer in Japan is very hazy. When it gets really hot in Tokyo, it looks as if the sky is in a bad mood, scowling and sulking. (I know I am ... )

    Cute bug and cute goat thingie. ^^

    1. Want to know what hazy is? The bad kind? Come over. ;p

    2. I thought of you and the Hero when I was saw them all fishing. I don't think they were very dedicated though...true fishermen glare at you if you so much as sniff, these ones were continually chatting and laughing!

      I wish the haziness would stop. I miss my favourite mountain...I've only had occasional glimpses of it since May.

      I liked the goat...can live without the bugs!

  2. Blogger is playing tricks with the comment system again?

    I thought I posted another comment. o.O

    Anyways, wish I was there too!

    1. Stupid blogger!

      If only they invent a teleporter, hey? Then you could come and enjoy my peace and quiet, and I could come and enjoy your haze and food!

  3. Agree, lovely and peaceful. :)

    1. Hello, and thanks for commenting ^-^

      It was so nice. I don't always love living in the countryside, but it definitely has its good points!