Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sakura, Sakura Everywhere

Whilst seas of Sakura blossoms, like the one in my last post, are ridiculously gorgeous, I think my favourite thing about Cherry Blossom time is the trees that pop up everywhere. I suppose this happens with all trees and flowers all over the world in the springtime, but Japan's obsession with Sakura means that a huge percentage of trees all spring (no pun intended) into life all at the same time. It seems like 2 weeks ago it was still winter, there were no flowers anywhere and the world was grey and boring, and then, ta-dah!, around every corner is a flash of pink blossom.

Walking to school

Decorating our train station

Brief Cherry Blossom interval: My Japanese tutor took me to an old shrine hidden in the hills yesterday.

Back to Sakura: Local High School

Biking home from Japanese lesson

See, even these scary, ugly, rejected from Soviet Russia blocks of flats with rubbish in front of them are made beautiful by the Sakura. They're magic, I tell you!

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  1. Absolutely agree: the supporting players in the suburbs are almost nicer than the superstars in the parks.

    PS: The Soviet Russia rejects have an extra ambiance on Garbage Day! ;)