Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sakura in the Sunshine

After our hanami success at the weekend, today we made the most of a sunny morning and caught the train to Ogawara. It's a small town half way to Fukushima, about 35 minutes by train from Sendai. It is a pretty town, along the Shiroishi River, and during Cherry Blossom season, this prettiness is greatly enhanced by cherry trees all along both sides of the river. You can walk along a sakura corridor all the way to the next station up (Funaoka), and from there you can walk up a hill, also entirely decorated with cherry blossom.

Pure Sakura porn. Enjoy!

Arrival at the river

Because rabbits enjoy hanami too.

Today was gorgeously sunny, but very hazy. On clearer days you can apparently see Mount Zao in the background. It's a shame, but I'll take Pollyanna's advice and be glad about the sun!

What's that, JR? Yes, I'd love to become your new advertising photographer :)

Cute birds, scary boyfriend!

There were lots of pretty buildings as well as pretty flowers

Cable Car going up the hill for the lazy

Sakura sea

Not the best picture, but it does show the trees going down the river as far as you can see

Different colours of blossom


  1. soooooo beautiful, I want to live here

  2. Sakura porn, XXX-rated! :D I think only one word applies, even if it's one of the most over-used words in the English lexicon, and that's ... awesome! Thanks!

    PS: That drawing thing? One of my countless pet theories is that every single Japanese person is born with the ability to draw and to sing. It's genetic. I can do neither. I am, however, very good at creating pet theories.

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