Saturday, 28 April 2012

Off I go...

My next 30 hours (hopefully) go like this...

Train/walk to work
Work for 4 hours
Walk into Sendai
Waste 5 hours in Sendai
6 hour bus journey to Tokyo
35 minutes on two trains from Tokyo to Haneda Airport
3 hours at the airport
4 hour flight to Taipei
30 minute train ride from airport to hotel
Collapse in a heap

On the plus side, I made tuna mayo and lettuce sushi rolls for my lunch today. Yum.

And on the plus plus side, at the end of all that I have a week in Taiwan!

I hope you all enjoy Golden Week, whatever you're up to. See you all when I get back :D


  1. Have lots and lots of fun, can't wait to catch up when you get back!!

  2. You've already left, but ... hope you're having a great time (and taking lots of photos)!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! there are definitely a ton of delicious and affordable places to eat in Taipei (and shop too) so hope you get to hit them all! don't forget to try Din Tai Fung, Ximending, Yong Kang St, any night market, Taiyi Milk King shaved ice, boba milk tea at Genki Q Nai or Gongguan or Chun Tsui Tang.

    1. Thanks for all your suggestions! We loved Din Tai Fung, and were very excited to learn they have branches in Japan too, yum! We went to night markets, Ximending, Yong Kang Street, tried shaved ice (I loved it, so refreshing!) and generally ate far more than was good for us! Personally I prefer Japan to Taiwan, but I am very jealous of how cheap, accessible and tasty the food is there!

  4. Hi, I found your blog when I tried to look into Peppy Kids Club. I really enjoy your writing and pictures as well as the blog about the company in last month's blog. It basically answered a lot of my questions. However, I've been having trouble finding out just where Peppy Kids Club classrooms are located. Is there a site with a complete list of its locations? If you know it can you please let reply? Thanks a lot!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you've found my blog helpful :)

      As for classroom locations, they're everywhere! I don't know where there'd be a list, because there are so many. In regards to where in the country, they're everywhere except in central Tokyo. There's a higher concentration around Nagoya, since that's where head office is, and generally speaking the further you get away from there the fewer and further between schools are. If you're only interested in a particular city/area then you'd have say at your interview, but they say they can't guarantee locations.

      Hope that's helpful :)