Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The snow monsters are after you!

This weekend, to make up for our week of work, we went skiing! Our friend Kyoko had a voucher for a hotel in Yamagata Zao, and so us and 6 other people from Yamagata went on a skiing weekend. Zao is completely beautiful, with gorgeous views, lots of snow, snow monsters (trees, see photos!) and natural hot springs everywhere. I'll let the photos do the talking...

Cool dragon snow sculpture

BBQ lamb for dinner

Alex and Kyoko on the mountaintop
There were traditional clothes in our apartment, so obviously we dressed up!

There was a public bath, from natural hot springs, in the hotel. I went in the evening after skiing but when I went again in the morning there was nobody there so I was able to take some photos. You clean yourself first using the showers by the mirrors then relax afterwards in the baths! They smelt a lot of sulphur but were lovely and warm for a cold aching body after skiing! 

There was an outside bath too. It's a little dark, but you can still see how cool it is!

Doesn't he look like a pro?

These trees are 'snow monsters' - they're caused by lots of snow and wind. Aren't they cool?

I do not look like a pro :( I'm gettting better slowly though

It was sunny and lovely, especially on the second day. 

Zao is a really lovely, relaxed ski resort and I would recommend it to anyone. From Sendai it was a hour and a half bus journey, and it made a great weekend away. Hopefully we'll get another chance to go before the winter is over!


  1. いくつかの良い情報around.Goodジョブを見るのは嬉しい!

  2. The trees look like better dragons than the dragon! :) I really hope I get a chance to see those trees myself, one day ...

  3. Hi Susie! First of all your blog is great, I just spent some time looking through it, beautiful pictures and fun stories!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my Valentine's post! I think making sushi is a great idea- anything that involves staying home and cooking is great in my book! Lots of stuff is happening around Tokyo, but most of it can be very cliché, and the best moments are usually just spontaneous. Have a great one! I'll come back to your blog!

    Vivian xx

  4. Uniblue, ありがとごじます, I think (if I've managed to translate your message right!)

    Rurousha, I hope you do too. It was really cool! I hope I get to Tokyo one day to see all the sights in your blog!

    Vivian, thanks! I spoke to a Japanese girl today and she said she's giving chocolates to her Dad and her boss on Valentines day! I think I could manage that much cheesiness! Unfortunately Peppy has decided to send my boyfriend to Hokkaido next week, so no valentines cooking for us!!