Monday, 6 February 2012

My Week: Snow and snacks

This week has been exhausting. I work 6 days and commute nearly 2 hours every day. Hard work but it's been good. I feel like I'm really starting to settle into work here, it's getting a lot easier now I know the curriculum and I'm getting to know my kids (both the lovely ones and the few who are mental!) This has meant my week hasn't been too exciting (although we did go skiing at the weekend, I'll share that with you soon!).

 So, this week, my life has consisted of:

A lot of snow, causing delayed trains, stressful walks and lots of cold.

Eating ridiculous amounts of these to make me feel better about the snow

And playing ridiculous amounts of pokemon red. Original and best :D


  1. I love the way people lift cars' wipers when it's snowing heavily. The cars look like little snow-covered insects.

    Good luck with the commute! Stay warm!

  2. Koala Yummies! They're my fave snack food here- even though they're actually Korean!

  3. Haha I'd never thought that Rurousha but I will everytime I see then now! Snows melting now so commuting is less stressful :D

    Hannah, they are truly awesome, second only to Pucca fish. I'm getting through at least a box a day at the moment. I think I have a problem!