Sunday, 12 February 2012

Around and About

This is a collection of photos that I like but don't really fit into any other posts, they're just random bits of life!

For some reason, I really like this view of Sendai. It's on the way to one of my schools and I always stop and have a little look on my way. I think Japanese graveyards are really picturesque, and I like the tree and the city behind. It looked even lovelier in the snow! 

We tried 牛タン for the first time last week. It's grilled beef tongue and it's much yummier that I thought it'd be! Don't ask me the name of the restaurant, but it has branches EVERYWHERE in Sendai, and it's got the cute little Date Masamune icon on it's logo. It was tasty anyway! 

We went out for a co-workers birthday and the bar tried to show off by doing a champagne tower...but the  guy looked so scared and spilt a lot on the floor!

These are some random decorations that were in Sendai Station one day. No idea why!


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