Thursday, 2 February 2012

Restaurant Recommendation: カトマンドウ Nepalese food

We might love Japanese food, but we love curry too. I found a Nepalese Curry place randomly on the internet, and we went for lunch earlier this week. It was YUM! 

For lunch, we each had a thali, 1200yen each. We had a small but very tasty bean salad to start. Then the main was rice, with three small curries on the side. Two were similar - spinach and chickpea and spinach and bean. They were both really tasty and the bean one was actually my favourite dish of the day. There was also a cold tomato and vegetable one. It came with a bowl of another curry. It was quite tomato-y too and really yummy. You could choose the meat and the level of spiciness. The set came with a drink too - we both had banana lassi which was too milky for me but John liked it. 

The main dish, with our curry poured over our rice. (I'd already eaten a bit when I remembered to photograph it!)

We really enjoyed our meal here. Not only was it delicious and not too expensive, the staff were really friendly and spoke quite a bit of English! They asked us to come again soon and we assured them that we definitely will! They're open in the evenings too, it's a little more expensive but there's more choice. 

Here is their website, it's only in Japanese but the two blue buttons at the bottom take you to photo menus which give you a good idea. There's a map on their website, or you can look at the location tab on this blog.

Definitely worth a munch! 


  1. Great blog Susie.These Nepalese food reminds me to the "Namaste" food outlet that available all over Japan :)

  2. I haven't heard of Namaste...think I'll have to look it up!