Sunday, 12 February 2012


There are a lot of fun, exciting things that happen in my life at the moment, but whatever exciting place you live in, there's a lot of time spent living normal life. This is mine.

Breakfast every morning. Toasted (in a pan because we have no toaster or grill) with butter. It tastes like hot cross buns (for you Brits who know what hot cross buns are). Yum. (Oh, and if this photo is a little blurry it's because I'm sitting in bed and wanted a photo and it's across the room so I just used the zoom! You can't judge that until you've lived in a Japanese apartment without insulation when it's -3 outside!)

Then, we relax during the morning, usually in bed because it's too cold to be anywhere else!

Then maybe we cook lunch, or on lazy/busy days, I head to my favourite little standing restaurant in Sendai station, and get what I always do, Curry rice with karage (fried chicken). YUM.

Then I eat a packet of these. (This photo won't rotate. Stupid blogger.)

And then I sit on a bus or a train, for varying amounts of time on my way to school, on the internet on my phone...

...or studying Japanese.
And then I get to school and set up my classroom...

...get the kids name badges out, and classes start.

We play some games (do you like the snakes and ladders game I made?!)...

...and do some drawings.

They had to combine a few animals and write what it could do. So cute.

My teacher profile, giving information about me to my students.

And then on the way home I eat more of these. Somehow I've lost more weight since I got here, I don't know how when I eat so much junk food!

When I get home, sometime between 9pm and 11pm, I cook something quick for dinner if I'm home first, or I arrive back to a lovely cooked meal if John's home first. Then after relaxing for a bit (maybe watching some pokemon), it's bedtime.

I hope you enjoyed this trip through my day!


  1. Your days look far more exciting than me, i wish we'd had name badges in school!


    PS what are these yummy looking snacks, I think you should send me some :)

  2. Haha I don't think it's much more exciting! The kids all hate the name badges haha. One boy yesterday pinned his to his crotch...stupid kid.
    The snacks are yummy, but really addictive! I'll send you some at some point! There should currently be a parcel on its way to you, I hope you get it soon!