Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blue (and red) Day!

One of my best friends is getting married today! She's the first of my close friends to tie the knot and I'm so excited for her! Her wedding is all going to be coloured red and blue, which is so like her! I'm sure it'll be an amazing wedding and so many congratulations to her!

But on a selfish note, it's left me feeling pretty homesick since I can't be there to celebrate with her, and see all my other friends too. I haven't felt like this since Christmas, and I know it'll pass, but the worst thing about Japan is how far away it is from home. I really wish someone would invent a teleporter, or at least give me unlimited free flights between here and home!

I think my homesick blues have been getting me down all day, everything seems to be going wrong! John's been sent to Sapporo this week for work, and I was enjoying a few days of freedom but now I'm missing him too! Plus, being the too nice girlfriend I am, I insisted he took our portable Internet box with him, which means I only have my phone. So no skyping to above mentioned wedding, parents, etc. Add to that a 6 hour continuous session of classes today, because parents selfishly bring their kids 20minutes early to class and then pick them up late, even more snow outside and the fact that my phone keeps inexplicably dying when it has 30%battery, and all in all you have a rather down in the dumps Susie!

But I've got an exciting day planned for tomorrow and, luckily, I've got a couple of treats from home to cheer me up right now! So I'm going to get on blue pjs and red socks, and snuggle up in bed with my squash and my Cadburys chocolate, and I'll be back with a happier blog in a couple of days time!


  1. Hooray for peach squash and Cadbury's Caramel drops ... and well done to you for having saved them for this long! Hope you are feeling happier by now. Love you xxx

  2. We all missed you but you got to see the bride even if it was only for a few minutes!!

  3. Ugh...I know just how you're feeling. I've definitely been a very mopey, grumpy bear for the past couple weeks. My mom keeps insisting that the gloomy weather here (snow AND rain today?!) is making everything worse. I'm inclined to agree with her, but the winter seems never-ending right now!

    1. It SO is the weather. I am over winter. I am already dreaming of hanami picnics and springtime. Shame we have another month or so to go :(
      If you ever fancy meeting up for a coffee and to be grumpy together Hannah, just let me know :)