Friday, 6 January 2012

Ideal presents for a Japanese Christmastime

When I spoke to Mum a while before Christmas, I told her there were only 3 things I wanted for Christmas...
Blu-tack, stock cubes and a reflective jacket for cycling!

None of it cool or trendy but all things I really need and can't find anywhere! The blu-tack and stock cubes are self explanitory and I asked for the jacket since bikes in Japan only come with one dynamo front light and no back one, I feel a little unsafe biking up my road at night with a black coat on! I always refuse to wear one at home (I may not be very stylish but I have limits!), but I'd rather look stupid than be hit by a car!!! 

There are only 2 other things that I really can't find here - a decent tea-towel and stuffing mix! The tea-towel is on it's way thanks to John's mum, and I have some stuffing mix that I brought with me! It'll have to be saved for a special occasion! 

Luckily, my Mum read between the lines, and realised that there were a few other bits that would be greatly appreciated! As well as lots of chocolate bits, Christmassy bits and a few (very) random stocking fillers, these arrived through the post this week...

A super snuggly pair of slippers and a lovely warm pair of gloves that she crocheted for me

I'm a very happy girl :D 

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  1. Those slippers look so cosy, I am tempted to buy myself a pair! Deffo what you need with your less-than-efficient heating