Saturday, 21 January 2012

Food Adventures: Going Japanese (or not!)

Last weekend my new friend Hiroko took me to the library in Sendai and signed me up for a library card. As well as other books, I also got a Japanese cookbook, and we set about trying to cook a dish from it. Since we've been eyeing up all the random fish in the supermarket since we got here, we decided to make simmered fish.
Do not ask me what the fish is, I have no idea! It was really tasty served with some veggies and rice.

And then I tried to make onigiri, my favourite Japanese snack. It's a rice ball (or triangle) filled with something (anything goes pretty much!). I made tuna mayo and egg ones. They were kind of successful but not very tasty :( I don't know why not. 

They looked OK but fell apart a bit when I tried to move them much :(

I got to use my cute little onigiri case though :)

And to complete a Japanese week, we went for sushi for dinner tonight with Amy and 2 Japanese girls she met. Yum.

Octopus and roe sushi. Really tasty :D

Conger eel

Yum yum yum. 

So a very Japanese week all in all...oh, except the very English lunch I made for myself the other day!

I enjoyed this a lot. Oh, and Dad and Stacey, this is just for you to prove that you won't starve when you come visit!


  1. That sandwich looks yummy, i am very glad that I won't starve! The cats look very good!

  2. An impressively Japanese food week :) Keep trying with the onigiri - they look great and I'm sure they only need a tweak or two to be as you hope