Sunday, 15 January 2012

Food Adventures: CAKE!

So after my disaster last week, tonight I had a chance to give baking another shot! A bit more time on my hands to properly convert the recipe and more importantly BAKING POWDER made this one more of a success!! I just need to buy a big enough bowl so it doesn't spill out and make a mess of my microwave! My first successful attempt at Japanese, oven-free baking!

Below is the recipe and some photos. I only did half this recipe for 2 of us. I've given the ml forms that I used, as well as the original oz for those of you sensible enough to purchase scales before endeavouring to bake anything!

Chocolate Fudge Microwave Pudding

4 oz (120ml) flour (Self-raising if you can find it, or if not add 2tsp of baking powder)
4oz (120ml) sugar
1oz (2 tbsp) cocoa Powder
2oz butter (usefully my packet comes marked in 10g intervals :D)
1 egg, beaten
4 tbsp milk (or water worked OK too)


4oz (120 ml) sugar and 2oz (60ml) drinking chocolate
6oz (180ml) sugar and 1 1/2oz (3tbsp) cocoa powder
140ml hot water

Method -
Mix flour, sugar and cocoa powder together in a microwavable bowl (bigger than mine was!)
Melt butter in the microwave (medium heat) and stir into flour mixture, along with the egg and milk/water.
In a seperate bowl, mix together the sugar and cocoa powder/drinking chocolate for the sauce. Pour onto the cake mixture but don't mix. Pour the hot water on top. 

Hopefully it'll look something like this (but in a bigger bowl because you are more sensible than me)

Put into the microwave at HIGH for 5-6 minutes or until set on top. 

And hey, presto, a delicious chocolate pudding :D

Mine sunk slightly because I took it out too early due to aforementioned microwave destroying issues! It still tasted delicious!


  1. Have you ever tried baking in a rice cooker? It actually works! I've made the most delicious blueberry muffins in my rice cooker. Only problem is, the next batch of rice tasted like blueberries ... :)

    I'm definitely going to try your recipe in the microwave!

  2. I'd heard that you can do that but I haven't tried it yet! Blueberry muffins sound delicious yumyum! Do you have a recipe?

    1. I'm a very lazy cook! I have to admit, shamefacedly, that I just buy a packet of instant mix. (If you try instant mix in a rice cooker, I suggest you add some baking powder. It makes the muffins fluffier.)

      Or you can try this recipe. It's delicious, but I've never tried it in a rice cooker:

      Happy cooking! Mail a few muffins thisaway, will you? ^^

  3. You'll have to get baking sorted before we come to visit - can't survive without cake ;)