Monday, 22 October 2012

Mount Banzan

I've been meaning to post about Mount Banzan, a gorgeous walk up a mountain (well, more of a hill really, but I'm from East Anglia so it's a mountain to me!) near our house ever since John and I first hiked it in the middle of August. But then my parents' visit got in the way, and we walked it for a second time before I'd written about the first!

It is a lovely walk, with nice views across Sendai, and should be gorgeous once the leaves finally start changing colour (a few are going round the edges but they're not properly changing yet). It would make a lovely easy day hike coming from Sendai, and for us, living a short bike ride away, we were back home in time for a late lunch!

To get there, take any Senzan line train from Sendai station, and get off at Rikuzenochiai (about 20 minutes), and head south out of the station and follow the map below.

I've recently worked out how to do this, so here is a screen shot from my phone showing where the start of the hike is. 

And here's a photo of the steps up at the start, with the ubiquitous bear warning sign

All of us heading up! The stairs don't go all the way up, but the path remains very easy to follow

There's a small shrine at the top...

...but it's suffered a bit of (earthquake?) damage

A slightly hazy view over Sendai

With a cheeky spider!

View towards Taihaku, south west Sendai

If you keep following the ridge, you get views across the other way, over Ochiai, the town we live in. Our apartment is the one furtherest back in the middle, nestled amongst the trees

John heading down (don't you love his ridiculous head gear?!)

Whole family heading downwards, looking forward to their lunch
(the observant amoungst you might have realised that John is wearing different clothes...he didn't get changed, these photos are just a combination from each time we climbed up :))

Oh yeah, slightly the bottom, at the moment, this is what greets you! The first time we went there was a bridge across which I assume they'll rebuild, but for the time being, as Dad is so aptly demonstrating, you can easily climb round the edge!

Once you're out, turn right and head back along the main road, and turn left down the first main-ish road. Then you're right back at the station! 


  1. You're getting way ahead of me when it comes to mountain hikes. Ah well. Does ambling about in the shitamachi count as exercise, too?

    PS: John's head gear could double up as bear deterrent. :D

    1. Of course it does! Unfortunately Sendai is fairly shitamachi-less, and my knowledge of the area is far less than yours so I ignorantly wander round the mountains, since that doesn't require any knowledge!

      Haha, as long as it distracts the bears long enough for me to run for it!