Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hikes Round Fujigoko 2: Around Lake Kawaguchi

After our somewhat over ambitious hike the day before, we decided to have a slightly more relaxed walk the following day, a mere stroll around Lake Kawaguchi. Well, so much for that plan. It was (thankfully!) very flat, but it turned out to be about 25km, including the walk to and from our campsite to the lake, and by the end of the day we were all knackered! Luckily, with the help of a noodle break half way round, and an ice-cream one near the end, and lots of sweets and chocolate along the way, we managed to make our way back in time to watch the sun set over Lake Sai.

As with the day before, there should have been gorgeous views of Mount Fuji at lots of points throughout the day, and, just as the day before, there were photos at strategic view points showing you what you should be able to see. Unfortunately, again, as the day before, we didn't get any of those views! Fuji did come out during the afternoon, but unfortunately by then we were on the wrong side of the lake to get a good view! Oh well, we did see it at least! Regardless of Fuji, it was still a lovely days walk, taking in the peaceful gardens of the northern side of the lake, along with the commercialised southern side.

Viewing a rice crop for the first ever time!

The peaceful north western edge of Kawaguchiko

Wandering through some gardens on the northern side

Wall of flowers

Fuji does exist, after all!

Bellringing lesson!

Towards the end of the walk, with very tired legs!

Sunset over Lake Sai...we made it!


  1. I'm catching up with various blogs tonight. Bit hectic at work. (+_+)

    I really enjoyed reading about your Fuji hikes, and hats off to all of you, especially Mom & Dad, for doing that "around the lake" hike! That was tough going in places! I'm rather glad I could do this one as an armchair trip. ^^

    1. They were lovely hikes, it's such a gorgeous area, with or without Fuji! I'm glad we could take you along!