Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Last week, there was a typhoon. John tried to tell me that by the time it got here it was just a storm, but despite meteorological semantics, it was a LOT of wind and rain. We were slightly worried our flimsy little apartment would blow away, but when we awoke we weren't in Oz, so it appears it survived! However, the next morning, as we looked out of our apartment, this was the view outside our window...

Lots of diggers moving lots of dirt.

Where did it all come from, I hear you ask? Well, a quick look up the road revealed this...


How we didn't hear this explode in the night is beyond me, but obviously the rain drumming on the roof drowned it out. Our best guess is that the water pipe somehow exploded, but if anyone has a better guess, I'd love to hear it! 
But by the next evening, all was peace and happiness. 

There was a lovely sunset (I hate wires)...

...and the road was completely sorted out. 

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  1. Not sure which is more impressive - the power of the water or the super efficient repair!