Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Week: Indoor Pursuits

As you might have heard, it's the rainy season in Japan at the moment. Well, that's what everyone says. This climate chart seems to suggest that actually it just gets rainier and rainier until it's winter again. Yippee. But, you know, we're British. Enjoying complaining about the rain is part of our national heritage! Plus, we've found plenty of indoor activities to keep us entertained!

Izakaya (Japanese bar), take 1. John with fish.

Izakaya take 2, nabe and sashimi

Failing at bowling because it was too busy, but the table tennis was fun!

We're useless at table tennis, but great at photos! 

Purikura time! 

I rearranged our room to clean, and John was very helpful :s

It was going to be a Christmas present, then a birthday one, but I finally finished my sewing in time to send to my Dad for Father's Day!

My amazing mother posted me some cookies!! They were so yum! Just don't tell customs...

Reason 10,000 why I am becoming my mother...I put far too many things in my bike basket then try to cycle home!

Note to Susie...STOP BUYING CARD MAKING ITEMS. They may only be ¥100 each and very pretty, but you have a very small apartment and not that many people to send cards to.

New love, bento box making. Craft plus food plus lots of cute accessories to buy. Heaven.

Me and my favourite little class decorated our initials. Great, until someone decided the paper was confetti. Good thing the vacuum worked!

Putting craft items to good use. Parcels on their way, girls!


  1. oooooo how exciting!! You can always send me hundreds of cards I won't mind!!!

    1. Stacey - your parcel is probably full of all the craft bits that don't fit into her apartment anyway!

    2. Haha it's not actually, that's your presents Mum!!

  2. Great photos - food, friends, craft I expected, but tidying and sport don't usually come high up your list of fun things!

    Cycling with an overfull bike basket is a family tradition :)

    We love the sewing - Dad is going to make a frame for it out of some teak that used to be part of the boat

    Glad the cookies made it safely - it felt wrong to make some and not send you any!!

    Love you xxxx

    1. Haha I wouldn't exactly call it sport...we weren't very good or committed, but it was fun!

      I know it is...I got some strange looks especially when my broccoli went bouncing off down the road!

      They are very yummy thank you, not quite as soft as fresh ones would be, but still very yum! Got one left for my lunch today, and then they've all gone :(