Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Month: Bits and Bobs and Being Outside

Onigiri. I've been making these a lot recently. Yum.

Storytime at school

Gyoza, ready for the pan. I've been having a dumpling phase recently too!

We went out with our friend Shoko and some of her friends last week. It was 90 minutes of all you can eat BBQ meat and all you can drink. Yum!

We went for a bike ride. The countryside is gorgeous.

I have no idea why there was a random church in the middle of nowhere!

Hirosegawa River

Rice and water everywhere!

Pretty flowers

Firefighter drain cover, mark 1.

Cool firefighter drain cover, mark 2.

A battery vending machine


  1. That's another thing I love about Japan in summer: rice paddies and water, water, water everywhere!

    PS: I love that story time photo. You should have it enlarged and framed! ^^

    1. Hmmm as I've said before, love the rice paddies, hate the frogs!

      Yeah, I love that photo too. They're such a cute class. If all my kids were like them I'd be a happy teacher!!

  2. Hello Susie, my name is Arudhi and I found your blog through Picky Eater in Sendai. I live in Sendai too (it`s been 7 years for me now) and I have no idea why it took me so long to finally find other bloggers in Sendai. My husband and I often explore new places riding our bike and I too love taking pictures of paddy field in summer. I really love living here and thanks for sharing the photos of Sendai!