Saturday, 9 June 2012

Aoba Matsuri Part 3, Parade

Now the last two posts about Aoba Masturi were as close as I come to being scholarly, but I have no more information to offer, but a lot more photos, so that's all you're getting in this post!

Dancing down Clis Road, the main shopping street in Sendai.

Firemen holding up a ladder...

...ready for some acrobatics

Date Masamune

John being made useful

Mayoress of Sendai

Suzume Odori band

The Japanese 7 Lucky Gods on their float. I like Ebisu, the one on the left with the fish. He seems to really love his fish.

Masamune's fight for Sendai, re-enacted by high school students

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  1. I'm sorry to use the c-word again, but that photo of John and the kid is just so CUTE! ^^