Friday, 2 March 2012

Yummy Presents

I Japanese people for so many reasons, but right now I especially love their generosity.

Last week, a friend I'm doing a language exchange with, gave me these chocolates.

They are so cute, and I am far too in love with them to ever actually eat them!

And then, my lovely Japanese tutor gave me some beautiful hinamatsuri sweeties. 
She also showed me the beautiful hinmatsuri display in her house.

Yum yum. These are really cute too, but I am eating them. Slowly :D 

I think I'd better get baking so I've got something nice to give them back next time I see them both! 


  1. Maybe that's why you're not gaining weight in Japan: the sweets are just too beautiful to eat! ;)

    Those moon chocolates are adorable. (I'm trying to avoid using the word cute for everything. Hence, adorable.)

    1. If only that was true...unfortunately once I know how tasty something is, no amount of delightfulness will stop me eating it. Hence why I eat lamb!!! These chocolates are still safe because I haven't got started on them yet!

      And according to the thesaurus: perky, attractive, adorable, beautiful, charming, dainty, delightful, pleasant, pretty. Not sure how well some of those will work!

  2. I know you well enough to know those chocolates won't last past the end of the week!