Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Week: Oh, weather!

This week, me and the weather have been having mixed relations. To be fair, being from England, this is a fairly standard state of affairs, but this week has been particularly tumultuous. We had a couple of days of gorgeous, hurray-spring-is-on-it's-way weather, then a day of freezing cold wind, then one more day of springtime, before the world dumped another 15cm of snow on us overnight. Urgh. Cue a couple of days of cursing the snow, cursing myself because I still haven't bought waterproof shoes and cursing everyone who ever told me Sendai wasn't that snowy (but in their defence, apparently this is the coldest winter Sendai has had for 25 years. Great). But then we went skiing, and the snow near my apartment has melted. So I guess I'm back on OK terms with the weather. For now.

OK, enough excessive prattling about the weather (how middle class British am I?!), here are some photos...

Last weekend I went to another Hinamatsuri event at the International Centre, where I painted these dolls.

Met two girls off JET, and we were all fairly useless together!

View from our apartment on one of the sunny days. It's a shame about all the wires!

The cold weather got to us, and so I made this for dinner. It's one of my favourite recipes, controversially by Jamie Oliver. You can find it here. It's yum, and pumpkin works well in it :D

I was so stressed walking my bike home in the snow that I stopped and took a photo of a random tree.

Because I constantly worry about the lid of my instant ramen coming unflapped in the microwave. OH NO. 

This week I discovered pinterest. About a year behind the rest of the world, but I am in love and addicted already. Aside from useful things, I found this, which made me laugh a lot. It's me, 99% of the time! Source

View from the top of the ski slope we went to. Izumi Spring Valley. Pretty :D And the white blob on the right in the massive buddha statue I've mentioned before. Really need to get round to going to see it properly!

My favourite thing about skiing is the scenery :D

John (in black nearest the camera), looking like a pro. He is turning into one. I am not.

I hope everyone else had a lovely week too, and enjoyed the weather more than me!


  1. I can't believe you've had more snow :( Hope spring arrives soon

  2. Susie, got your Mum to send me the link again as so long since I had read about your 'happenings'. Good to read/see all about life for you both in Japan. Despite a 2 week session at NWR in which we did research, I am fairly ignorant about life there.
    Your mother's day photos brought tears to my eyes!
    Love Julie xx

    1. Thanks Julie, I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it :D