Saturday, 24 March 2012

My week: A fortnight

I'm going to continue to title these posts 'My Week', even though I'm too lazy not enough exciting stuff happens for me to post every week. This really is a random collection! 

I had to make this scary and impossible craft, with 12 children, 1 roll of tape, no common language and about 15 minutes of the class to do it in. Fun times. 

A ridiculous amount of oyster shells aka My Dad's worst nightmare.

I had to go to Kesennuma to teach earlier this week. 4 hours each way with a hotel stay. But it was pretty and sunny....

...and I saw fish drying...

...and my hotel had a funny name. It was actually called the Pearl City Hotel, but an unfortunate Katakana issue means that the 'Ci' bit has to read 'Shi'. I'm 100% mature.

There is nothing like cute biscuits to cheer up a boring office day.

We started watching Series 1 a couple of weeks ago, and we've now almost finished series 3. It's awesome, addictive and annoying, in almost equal quantities.

We went skiing again. 

I made a big mess. I cut John's hair for him, as I was clearing up the cuttings, I knocked over a cup of rice that had been left on the fridge. And there was already a lot of other stuff on the floor because of moving it out of the way for said haircutting. Oh dear.

Proper tin openers cost ¥1000 (£10). So I improvised. Anyone who has ever read 'Three Men in a Boat' will understand why I was laughing hysterically as I did it. And anyone who hasn't read it, should.

Spring still isn't thinking about arriving in Sendai (we had more snow last night for goodness sake), so I brought spring to my nails instead...

...and to my table with a pot of flowers and a glass of summery smoothie in the afternoon sunshine.

And I made a Victoria Sandwich. In a rice cooker. And it works. Yum.


  1. Kesennuma? Is the town doing OK? Getting back on its feet? Rebuilding schools and hospitals a bit higher up? (Please say yes!)

    Three Men in a Boat is one of the most hilarious books ever written. "I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours." :D

    PS: Thanks for that pita bread link!

    1. I didn't have all that much time to look around Kesennuma. The bits I was in were obviously further inland because they were all completely fine. I assume if I'd had time to follow the signs to the port, it would be a different story.

      My family used to have an audiobook of Hugh Laurie reading Three Men on a Boat, and now I always read it all in his voice. Makes it even better!

      PS: You're welcome. Happy baking!

  2. woohoo for making cake!! It looks slightly square though!! Also I want pretty flowers on my nails!!

    1. Yea, unfortunately that's just the shape of the rice cooker I have to make it in! Luckily shape makes no difference to yumminess!!
      Hmm if you're lucky there might be some in the next parcel I send you :D

  3. Re:"Proper tin openers cost ¥1000 (£10)...".

    Dear Susie,
    100 Yen shops are stuffed by rather good steel openers :-)

    Sergiy M.,

    1. Ahh but I've found they're all stab it in ones. I want a proper turning one, like this and the only ones I've seen are expensive :(

  4. <3 ur blog... im following it now on bloglovin :)