Saturday, 24 March 2012

Food Adventures: Changing Menus

Over the last week or so, John and I have made a resolution to have bigger breakfasts and lunches and smaller dinners. Our work means that we usually don't get home until 10pm, so we eat really late, and so big filling dinners are going to make us fat, give us indigestion and stop us sleeping well. Perhaps we should have thought of this sooner, but old habits are hard to break!

So here are a few meals we've had recently...

An Arabic dish called Al Kabsa. This was SO GOOD. One of my favourite things we've made in ages. It was basically this recipe, with a few subsitutions/things missed out but nothing major. 

We served it with homemade pita breads, which I'm making pretty much daily at the moment! I can't get a pocket in them but I haven't given up trying, and they're delicious anyway. I think that this recipe is the easiest and tastiest I've found. It's easily adaptable to make naan breads (add a little yoghurt and raisins at the start, add a mixture of sugar and coconut into the middle near the end). I even made garlic bread tonight, by frying garlic in butter with a bit of basil and black pepper and stirring that into the mixture). Mmmm.

John cooked us a fish that either was kippers, or was very similar to them, for breakfast, with Miso Soup so we felt more Japanese! It was the first time I'd tried them and I wasn't a fan of eating the bones. Do you like the sneaky toast balancing so everything stays fairly hot?!

We treated ourself to lunch out the other day, and I had a かつ丼 (Fried meat, pork in this case, on rice with egg). Yummy. 

We've also had Drop Scones (with raisins in the mixture, served with sliced banana and yoghurt), Welsh Cakes (served with fruit smoothie) and Tamago Kake Gohan as breakfasts recently, and they're all delicious and filling, and fairly good for you if you serve them as I suggested! We're trying to trying out lots of different ideas with our breakfasts, so I'd love any suggestions!

Our lighter dinner have included pumpkin soup (fry onion with LOTS of ginger and a chilli or two, add pumpkin (or butternut squash) and enough stock to cover. Bring to boil, simmer until soft. Blend, add coconut milk/normal milk. Eat. Delicious and easy) , miso soup with soba noodles and fishcakes.

We're getting the hang of what we can cook here!

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