Saturday, 4 August 2012


We've been fairly busy for the last few weeks, teaching summer school. We only had one day off in the middle, so we decided to make the most of it. We went on a lovely long bike ride, to Akiu. It's a hot springs town about 12km south west of our house. Due to the insane hot weather we've been having recently, we weren't tempted by the hot springs, but there was plenty of nature to keep us busy. Right near the town there is Rairaikyo gorge, and a further 10km along the road is Akiu Great Falls. Despite a 2 thunderstorms, and very aching legs, we managed to get round everything and had a lovely (if exhausting day!).

I hope you're not all fed up with photo of rice fields, trees and mountains because, once again, that's pretty much all that's here! It's not my fault, blame the Japanese countryside.

Trees around Rairaikyo gorge

The gorge

We were so hot after our bike ride that I was longing to jump right in that water, but there was sadly nowhere to get down to it. 

Pretty flowers

Out into the greenery

A camera theft by John led to a picture of a bridge disguised as an aqueduct

After a bike ride in the thunderstorm. As John put it, "I've genuinely had less wet showers"

We finally made it to Akiu Great Falls. They were gorgeous and worth the rain!

It always surprises me how calm a river becomes straight after a waterfall

Mist on the mountains, and greenery everywhere. Sums up our day! 

I wish my camera took panoramas, there was this view in every direction.

Nearly home

Collapsed at home, Olympics on the telly, and a gorgeous sunset outside. What a lovely day!


  1. It is not possible to get fed-up with Japan's countryside in summer. Perhaps with the heat, but never with the greenness. Love the waterfalls!

    PS: Less wet showers? That made me grin. :D

    1. I'm going through phases with the heat. I don't mind it during the day but I'm fed up with stupidly hot nights. I do not sleep well in the heat.

      I'm nowhere close to getting bored with the green. It's so pretty everywhere!

  2. PS: Congrats with Britain's many gold medals! Lots of cycling medals. What's with you guys and bikes?

    1. I know why I bike a lot...because my parents were too lazy/too busy/concerned for my health/nice to the environment to drive me to school! From the age of 5 I was shoved on a bike!

      Why we're good at the racing, I have no idea. But being the Olympics fiend I am, I'm so excited we're doing so well!