Monday, 9 July 2012

It's Summer at Last!

Hurrah! It's finally summer! There's still the odd downpour (and by odd I mean about every other day), but there's been a lot of sunshine inbetween and we've finally got out and about enjoying it!

Picnic in the park! 

Izakaya nights

Anti smoking sign.

A co-worker left (to cycle across America of all things), and so we had a leaving party. It involved roast turkey dinner (not pictured), cake...

...and a human pyramid, naturally.

Strange building on the way to one of my schools.

Lazy afternoon alone in the park :D

Pika pikaaaaaaaaa


Recycling plant at Kuzuoka. 

Waiting in the sunshine for the train.

We joined some Tohoku University students to share and play playground games. It was really fun! 


  1. Pikachu & Starbucks together!!!!!!!

    Yay i'm glad summer finally arrived and those cakes look yummy!

    1. Booooo to starbucks, you can have that all to yourself!! I want pikachu though!

      They were yummy, but they were more cute. That's the Japanese way!!

  2. I repeat: you may continue wearing short pants. That's my only comment on this post. :)

    1. Haha, I intend to, in spite of all the shocked looks I get due to my crazy love of a tan over whiteness. Only in Japan would people wear more clothes in the heat!