Sunday, 20 May 2012

Taiwan Trip: High in the Sky

Since I have well documented my brief love affair with the Taipei 101, you won't be surprised to hear that we spent out last afternoon there going up to the top. It was ridiculous. The weather was fairly misty and muggy and we didn't have the best views, but they were good enough to tell how ridiculously high you were. Usually when you go up tall buildings, people look like ants. When you're at the top of the Taipei 101, buildings look like ants. 

Where Skyscraper meets shopping mall

There are displays of intricately carved coral at the top. They're gorgeous, but rather random!

Hello down there 15 story building. You look so small I could squash you with a finger.

Somewhere just in the forest to the left of the photo is where we sat to take these photos.

Sun was in the wrong place for photos from the outside deck, but it was extremely beautiful.

The thing in the background is the damper. It's a big ball that stops the building falling over. I don't understand how, I chose just to trust it. The thing John is cuddling is the Damper Baby. Because it's not only Japan that makes everything cute :)

Taipei 101 with the really big moon there was that night. I'll miss you!


  1. For someone who always said she didn't like big cities, you've certainly fallen in love with a big building!

  2. Dear Taipei 101 fan,
    I accept the challenge. Photos from the top of my tall tower to follow asap.
    Tokyo Sky Tree fan ^^

    1. I can't pretend that my fling with the Taipei 101 can compare to your long term relationship with the Sky Tree.
      Anyway, after seeing the photos that you, Lina and Tofugu have posted recently, I'm starting to see the sky tree appeal...hmm I'll investigate it more fully whenever I next make it to Tokyo!