Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Taiwan Trip: Food, food, food

I may have loved the Taipei 101, our fantastic hotel and all the amazing hiking, but the #1 reason that I'd go back to Taiwan is for the food. I'd never have put Chinese food that high on my list of favourite cuisines, but after our trip it's rapidly moving up. As usual, we ate more than was good for us, and moaned several times about there only being 3 meals a day!

I found this fantastic blog which has so many restaurants all over Taipei to try, and I'd definitely recommend having a look at it for ideas if you're headed there.

Our food photos aren't great because we were far too busy eating everything! Dumplings were our favourite savoury thing by far, but our absolute favourite thing was the cheap, fresh and delicious fruit. Mango, pineapple and dragonfruit are my personal favourites, and we ate a lot of them all. Mmmmm. No photos, which is for the best because I'm already salivating at the thought and if I was gazing at a photo too my keyboard would be awash with saliva!!

On that delightful image, let the photos commence...

I know I already posted this photo but there you go...
At Shilin Night Market. Crab, garlic greens and rice. Cheap and yummy! But we didn't love night markets here. I think we were spoilt when we were in South East Asia before. The Taiwanese ones  we went to are a bit mad! Plus we might be fairly adventurous eaters, but there are limits and Taiwanese/Chinese cooking definitely goes beyond them!

Dumplings for lunch at the National Palace Museum...

...and we loved them so much that we went for more dumplings at Din Tai Fung for dinner. Din Tai Fung was amazing, we went twice but I still have no good photos because we started devouring the food the second it hit the table! They have branches in Japan too, and next time we're in Tokyo I think I know where we'll be heading! I was sad that there wasn't a branch in Sendai but I think it's for the best that there isn't or I'd be waving goodbye to my waistline!

Beef noodle soup. Tasty enough, but a bit too like ramen for our tastes. 

Shaved ice, covered in mango and strawberry ice cream. So tasty!

We went to Modern Toilet, a bathroom themed restaurant. The food was average, the decor and theming was brilliant!

John and his dinner

Poo ice-cream for dessert!

Anyone else's tummy rumbling?!

PS - Rurousha, you can tell the Hero this post is a give to him from me :p


  1. I think you need to give me the mango and ice cream please :)

    1. I'm sure you could make it yourself at home!

    2. can I have some too, when you are making it? ^^

    3. Lina, Malaysia must have loads of tasty ice treats for you to eat!