Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Taiwan Trip: First Day

I'm fairly exhausted this evening, so there won't be a lot of info in this blog. But a picture tells a thousand words, and all that! I'll be more informative next post!

Waiting for our bus from Sendai to Tokyo. John is eating munching on a whole lettuce because he refused to throw it out before we left. Silly boy.

Our flight was overbooked, so they put us on an earlier one, and gave us a voucher for free food. Score.

At Songshan Airport Station

We took a walk from our hotel to 2-28 Peace Park.

These are supposed to be reflexology stones, there was a foot map and everything. Apparently I didn't follow it that well, since I was in a LOT of pain.

We walked north towards Shinlin, and John made a new friend.

I made some friends too, and played some chess.

Gorgeous sunset. It prompted us to find an awesome vantage point for the following day. Photos of that in a future post :)

First views of the Taipei 101. Love at first sight!

We ate dinner at Shinlin Night Market. Pepper Crab and garlic greens. Yummy.

View out one way from our hotel. It was cheap and cheerful and a little run down, but with a fantastic location. Right across the street from Taipei Main Station


  1. It looks as if it might be easier to walk on red-hot coals than that reflexology thingie! Ow!

  2. I absolutely agree with Rurousha. YOu won't see me near those reflexology thingy stones. I can't even bear those so-called reflexology sandals.

    Looks like you two met plenty of interesting new friends there. ^^

  3. The only way they're ever going to work is by making your feet hurt so much that your forget about all your other aches and pains!

    Yup, Lina, we made some lovely new friends :D