Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tokyo: My First Trip, Part 3

John headed out to get very drunk and dance a lot on Saturday night, while I headed back to the hotel (but still managed to stay up until 2am chatting to our friend Chris). So we were both a little sleepy and lazy on Sunday. Luckily the weather had cheered up, so we spent our day in the vicinity of the alternate Universe that is Yoyogi Park, relaxing and people watching. (NB: Alternate both because it is full of strange people doing strange things, and also because it is so different to the skyscraper-ville that surrounds it!)

A rubbish photo of the Shibuya scramble crossing

Ridiculous dog outfit in a shop in Harajuku.

Entrance to Meiji Shrine Park

Relaxing in the spring sunshine (AKA making the most of Tokyo before the return to the frozen north)

View from the top. Tokyo is big.

Hanami viewed from above.

Back to the Meiji Shrine Park.

Meiji Shrine

Barrels of sake (rice wine) outside the shrine

Ridiculous skipping outfits in Yoyogi Park.

It made a weird honking noise. Naturally.

Yoyogi Park at sunset.

Sampling traditional Japanese food...

It was a lovely long weekend in Tokyo. We'll be back soon! 

PS - WHAT'S WITH THE WEATHER CURRENTLY? Last night I was in desperate need of an Ark, and now I'm scared of getting blown to Kansas. A quick reminder, Japan, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING. 


  1. First the shitamachi, then Shinjuku ... which happens to be where my eikaiwa is located. So you've made me grin hugely all over again while reading this post.

    PS: After that huge spring storm, we're experiencing balmy spring weather in Tokyo. Finally! Blossoms are blossoming, birds are chirping, young lovers are ... well ... you get the picture. Hope you defrost soon up there in Sendai!

    1. Haha wow, I really did spend my weekend in Tokyo stalking your life, partly intentionally, party completely by accident!

      Hope you're making the most of the springtime. Ours has to come soon...surely?!