Monday, 2 April 2012

Tokyo: My First Trip, Day 1

An extra couple of days off meant that we had time to go to Tokyo for the weekend. We got an overnight bus down after work on Thursday night, and another one back on Sunday night. The bus was the cheapest way to get to Tokyo and back, but not the most comfortable!! Here are some photos of the first day we were there.

Our bus arriving before 7am meant it was the perfect time to go to Tsukiji Fish Market, and have sushi for breakfast.

John and I shared one bowl of mixed sushi, and this bowl of eel. It's currently my favourite sushi topping.

Fish eyes as big as my fist. Ewww.

Massive tuna.

Moat around the Emperor's Palace

We found an early flowering Cherry Tree :D

At a shrine in Ueno Park.

Lake in Ueno Park.

So cute!

Eating Green Tea Ice Cream at Senso-ji Temple.

Senso-ji Temple...once we were done eating ice-cream we actually managed to explore!

I found the statue of Rat Boy! Read all about him on Rurousha's fantastic blog.


  1. Tokyo looks so much fun! The cherry trees are sooo pretty! You look so young in all your pictures and also very skinny!!

    love you lots

    1. Yes, it was really fun, I loved it. Maybe you'll have to wait and visit me next year because we're thinking of living there, then we can explore together!

      I think I look young because of the hair clip, but it was just too windy and my fringe was annoying me! And I'm trying to do something about the skinniness (yum yum ice cream), but it just isn't happening! But the parcel arrived from you today, along with ones from my Mum and John's Mum so I have a LOT of chocolate to fatten me up :D

  2. You were in my beloved shitamachi! You found the Rat Boy! You even found early cherry blossoms! (We ordered the latter just for you. Grin.)

    I'm glad Tokyo made you smile. The Big Mikan is not too bad, is it? :D

    1. You wait until you see where I went on day're gonna love it!
      I loved Tokyo! So much do that we're considering moving there when our year in Sendai is up!