Monday, 16 April 2012

Our Japanese Easter

Japan doesn't do Easter. At all. Unlike Christmas, which they seem to have embraced wholeheartedly (except, you know, that side issue of it being religious), there is nothing anywhere about Easter. I wouldn't even have known Easter was on the way if it wasn't for people from home asking me what I was doing for it.

Since neither John nor I are religious, Easter is pretty much all about Easter egg hunts and stuffing yourself stupidly full of chocolate. With help from a few parcels from home, we managed to fulfil both of those criteria. And, because the Easter Bunny/Jesus still loves Japan even if they don't love him, Easter Sunday seemed to mark the start of spring in Sendai. Ever since last Sunday, it has been warming up, flowers have been flowering and the world feels friendly. More about that in several hundred more future posts.

Chocolate from home. Thanks Mum, Terry and Stacey :D

Trying to get John in a party spirit by scaring him to death with party poppers first thing in the morning! 

We then made the most of the first day of good weather by cycling up a massive hill. Because we're stupid.

A shrine to your pets, I think.

We then went swimming, and afterwards had this lovely view across Kuzuoka and Kunimi in West Sendai. 

Now it's spring, living in the countryside doesn't seem so bad.

The shop in Sendai that sells taiyaki only sells cream and red bean paste ones all the time, and then sells a third other for a week or so at a time. I only like chocolate, and they haven't had them for about 5 weeks. Easter marked the start of chocolate week. It made my Easter.

I'd wanted to eat at Aashiriwaad Indian ever since I read about it on this blog. The service is slow but the food is awesome and good value. We might have gone for a second time yesterday :D


  1. Looks like you had a pretty good 'Easter" in the end! My 'easter' gifts from Japan were awesome, so much better than an easter egg!!

    1. You're welcome, Japan might not do Easter, but it definitely does スティッチ (that's Sutichi and is the Japanese name for Stitch!)!

      We loved your chocolate too, John said that your bugs looked poo and he didn't want any, then I said they were lindt and he changed his mind...maybe I won't let him have any more though since he was rude! I think they are awesome!

  2. I've never understood Japan's indifference towards Easter. All those cute bunnies and stuff!

    Your comment about Japan and Jesus made me grin. You do know that his grave is in Aomori, don't you? Just Google "Jesus grave Japan".

    PS: I think I'm going to get increasingly jealous throughout summer as I watch your countryside summer photos. Sigh.

    1. I know, there is so much kawaii potential in Easter...bunnies, chicks, lambs, anime themed can't be long until it makes it way here!

      Haha I just googled it. Sounds dubious at best! If Jesus had escaped the cross, I like to think he'd have found something better to do than become an unknown farmer in Aomori. Must have been a bit of a come down after being the Messiah! Also, I like the fact that in another tomb are a lock of his Mum's hair, and his brother's EAR, which is apparently all he could carry. Not exactly the first things I'd pick up if I was running for my life..."Just wait a second, bro, before you go and die for me on a cross let me just lop off your ear". That's true sibling love...

      Hmm, don't worry too much about the jealousy just yet...the Sendai weather Gods are rekindling my hatred by forecasting rain for the whole of Sakura week.

  3. I'd celebrate Easter just so I can eat loads and loads of chocolates!

    The pet shrine - that is one elaborate shrine for your pet. The owner must be rolling.

    1. I'm pretty sure that's the reason most people in Britain celebrate it to be honest...we're not the most holy country!