Friday, 16 March 2012

A Sunny Day Exploring

This week, Sendai finally decided to put some effort into moving away from winter, and giving some actual sunshine and warmth! It was so lovely the other day that I went for a bike ride, and found a gorgeous reservoir a little way from our house. It was still frozen over and was beautiful.


  1. I love Tokyo (yup, insane), but I have to admit: I wouldn't mind being within cycling distance of such beautiful scenery.

    The part of this post that I enjoyed the most, though, was the "moon-necklaced bear" (dreamy name for a dangerous animal) and "control and manage human" (if only we could)!

    PS: You are going to show us those same spots in summer, aren't you? ^^

  2. Well I haven't been to Tokyo yet, but I'm going at the end of the month so I'll let you know then whether I think you're insane or not to love it!

    I like that sign too (and by like, I actually mean AM TERRIFIED BY). I like to think it means that the bears control and manage us. Seems more likely.

    And I am soooo excited for exploring in the summer! You'll be so sick of my photos of mountains/rivers/forests/fields etc. I planning my hikes already :)

  3. What an amazing place. It must also be wonderful in the snow and ice. But I have to admit I'm glad to think we've probably seen the back of those for a while ! :)

    1. Hmm I wish I could that as surely of us seems to be warming up but it's still getting below freezing at night! I never thought I'd say it... but I'm jealous of British weather at the moment!!

  4. Hooray for some sunshine - hope it lasts! Looks like a lovely spot - keep hunting out good places for your mummy and daddy to visit ;-)