Friday, 24 February 2012

My week: Doing as I please

So as I moaned about mentioned last week, John spent the week in Sapporo for work, and so I was all alone. Apart from my blues on Saturday, I actually quite enjoyed a week of being 100% selfish and not having to think about someone else in my plans. I mean, I wouldn't want him away much longer but it's good to have free reign for a while!

So, as well as a couple of lunches with friends and excessively enjoying Hinamatsuri, I have also been...

Prancing about in front of the mirror in my new dress

Watching endless episodes of Scrubs. John doesn't like it and I have a rarely indulged love, so on it went :D

Eating far too much chocolate, and trying out chocolate fish for the first time. I don't remember the name but they are delicious!

Re-reading everything Jane Austen ever wrote on my kindle. If I was in England, I'd hate kindles. Living abroad, I see them as one of the best inventions ever made.

Cooking and eating lots of homey food, like this pumpkin soup with croutons. Mmmm.

Having random lunches out, just because I can. This is ramen from our local ramen place and it's delicious. Leaves you feeling like a bloated, greasy, sleepy mess though! 

Getting a haircut. 

Having lazy breakfasts.

Playing more with felting (Again, blogger with the stupid photo rotating. GRR)

Listening to the Evita soundtrack a lot. 4 years with me has made John be able to cope with most musicals soundtracks, but Evita is still beyond him, so it's always blasted out when he's away! 

I hope you've all been indulging yourself in your favourite things this week too!


  1. "Evita" is my go-to soundtrack when I'm cleaning my apartment! Which I feel is constantly. Godzilla dust-bunnies everywhere, all the time.

    Your hairc is adorbz! What salon do you go to?

    1. I feel that I clean a lot too...however that's mainly because I live with a very messy boyfriend!

      I don't know the name, one of my Japanese friends took me. Its right by KitaSendai station, and I'd definitely recommend it, the main hairdresser there is lovely and speaks some English :D

  2. Love the dress! Lots of naughty food though! Why aren't you the size of a michelin man, what is your secret?

  3. Susie you're hair look gorgeous!!

  4. Those fish cake thingies are called taiyaki. They're the best thing on your list. Second prize goes to Kindle+Austen! :D