Friday, 13 January 2012

Food Adventures: Kitchen Experiments

Since I love cooking and eating, I thought when I started this blog that it might have a bit of a heavy leaning towards food related things! This hasn't really happened so far, but I thought I'd start sharing some of my food experiments with you! These will be both new things I've eaten and things I've tried to cook!

Cooking in Japan is no mean feat when this is my kitchen...
That's it. 2 hobs, a sink, a microwave and a couple of cupboards. 

No oven, hardly any preparation space and no grill. Takes some getting used to! And combined with my severe confusion every time I head into a Japanese supermarket, it's lead to some slight kitchen disasters, as well as some very tasty food!

On Monday, I promised to cook for John as he had work and I was off. On the menu?
Pad thai - prawns, beansprouts, lime and chillis from supermarket and rice noodles, fish sauce and nuts from international supermarket in Sendai station.

And I was hoping to make my first foray into baking my cooking a microwave chocolate pudding. Everything available at our local supermarket (and a note to the wise...sugar in Japan is next to the salt. And looks identical to it. I spent a long time trying to find it!)

Unfortunately I don't have any more photos to show you as it all got a bit chaotic! The pad thai was a success...prawns here are DELICIOUS...I used this recipe, and just missed out the things I didn't have. It was really yummy! 

However, the cake was a disaster :( I realised too late that I didn't have scales or a proper measuring cup and was trying to convert into ml! Too tricky! I also assumed the flour was's not! I have now found baking's called bakingu powada in Japanese :D So I will try this recipe again and if I can make it work, I'll share the recipe and photos with you! 

One other food photo for you before I head out to work...

Toppo...potentially even better than Pocky. Decision pending! The kitkat was our first foray into random flavoured kitkats (a Japanese speciality)! They were strange but fairly tasty!


  1. Susie...your kitchen is a Emeril's kitchen compared to mine! And it is funny you mentioned the salt/sugar thing because I just discovered that today! Ive been buying prepackaged little cases of sugar for coffee until now :) Loving this adventure we are all having though! Cheers!!

  2. But you didn't give us the Pad Thai recipe :( Sounds yummy tho!

    And it won't hurt to not have too many chocolate puddings ;)

  3. Oh dear Alaina, I'd hate to see your kitchen! It's not the quality but the size that gets me down though!!

    And Mum, due to my techincal prowess, if you click where it says 'this recipe', it should come up with another website with the recipe :D

    1. Oh yes, found the recipe now :) I need a link to be brightly coloured and flashing at me so that I realise it's there!!!