Thursday, 26 January 2012

Food Adventures: It's Pay Day!

Food Adventures and Pay Day may not always naturally go together, but anyone who has spent any time abroad (definitely in Japan) knows that there are some things that you are used to have regularly at home that have to be treats here. Japan's an expensive place and whilst eating in Japanese restaurants is wonderfully cheap (relatively anyway), a lot of ingredients are expensive. Especially fruit and vegetables. But, this week was our first proper Japanese pay check and so we splashed out on some tasty treats. Plus the fact that this week is my office week (meaning no classes and work from 11-5 ish instead) means that I have had ample time to prepare sumptuous treats for our lucky tummies!

Yes, yes that is APPLE CRUMBLE. And although I didn't take a photo, I also made CUSTARD. All made without an oven or custard powder. I am such a genius.

Pay Day morning requires a special breakfast.

I had my first experiment with baking in the rice cooker. It kind of worked but our one only cooks for 10 minutes at a time before trying to steam. Great for rice, not so great for cake! I'm guessing the cool moments while I reset it a few times is what made it sink in the middle.

I was still deliciously scrummy with chocolate sauce (made by heating water and stirring in cocoa powder and sugar and cooking until dissolved and tasty)

And our most extravagant meal...Mexican. Deliciously delicious. But with refried beans ¥400 (£3.50), one pepper ¥160 (£1.50) and an avocado ¥160 (£1.50), before you even start on everything else, it makes for an expensive meal.

We enjoyed it a lot though :D

Anyone else been cooking anything tasty this week?


  1. Well, we have cooked chicken and cashew stir fry which we ate using the chopsticks that you sent us :)

    Oh and roast pork, roast potatoes, sprouts, swede, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, apple sauce followed by Bakewell Tart (but no custard). Sorry if that makes you feel a little jealous ;)

  2. Oh, yes, that looks like a giant rice cooker muffin! :)

    Your English breakfast is making me very hungry and very jealous.