Friday, 23 December 2011

Pageant of Starlight

In one of my blogs last week, I posted a sneaky peak photo of the Pageant of Starlight. This is where a whole boulevard is lit up with millions of tiny lights. It's on through the whole of December, and last week we went to have a look. Apparently there are less lights this year than in the past, because of the minor power issues Japan is still having after the tsunami/earthquake in March. However, it still looked very impressive to us! Unfortunately our photos aren't the best, since I managed to leave my cameras memory card in my laptop, so we only had our phones. You get the idea though!!

John being attacked by a unicorn, apparently!

Fairytale cottage, I suppose?

Christmas lights

Me being a mushroom!

If you want to see some more professional photos, sixmats has some lovely ones over at his Sendai photo blog. Much better than mine!!!

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