Friday, 25 November 2011


Sorry for the lack of photos but I'm kind of stealing internet on my phone to write this and no laptop internet available here!
So I've been in Nagoya a week now. First we spent 3 days here settling in and meeting people (some lovely people, some idiots. Luckily the other people who'll be living near us are awesome!). We wandered around a lot, had a crazy kareoke night and are lots of good food.
Training started monday, and despite all the warnings about it being "intense", it's mostly been pretty basic boring stuff really, although we have been really busy (partly due to lots of time spent hunting out yummy food!). Peppy just want you to follow their curriculum really so there's not too much lesson planning. Lot easier than the other bits of EFL teaching I've done!
I'm really looking forward to getting to Sendai and getting properly settled into life here. It'll be lovely to have my own apartment, and to be able to get involved in Japanese life a bit more! Only 10 days, and meanwhile I'm making the most out of my time here :D


  1. I miss you, you need internet soon so we can skype!

  2. Wonderful news. Saw the picture that Alaina posted on facebook, it looks a good crowd.

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  4. Glad you've found some good friends - and pleased to hear that you're raring to go! Hope the work really does turn out to be as straight forward as you are predicting.