Tuesday, 1 November 2011

And our location is...

After years of wanting to go to Japan, many months of applying for jobs, many more months of waiting to hear our location from iTTTi (Peppy Kids Club), we finally know where in Japan we're going.

And our location is... Sendai, Miyagi prefecture.

We've known this was possible for a while. Peppy Kids Club are reopening schools in and around Sendai this month after the earthquake and tsunami in March, and the after effects of it, mainly because they've just reduced the exclusion zone around Fukushima. Since my boyfriend John and I asked to be placed near each other, and they were placing 4 teachers in Sendai, we thought this might be our placement. But it is nice to have it confirmed!

We're going in 13 DAYS! Argh! Then a weeks travel in Osaka and Kyoto, 2 weeks training in Nagoya, and we'll be in Sendai on the 5th December (which happens to be our 4th anniversary!). EXCITING!

Apparently Sendai is a lovely city, at 1 million people it's small enough not to scare a country girl like me, but hopefully large enough to fulfil my idea of Japanese city life! It's meant to be a real student city, which hopefully means they'll be lots going on and lots of people to meet!

But despite being very excited to live in a big city for the first time ever, I am also very happy to hear there are also lots of out of town day/weekend escapes...ski resorts, hiking hills, onsens, etc. Lovely.

As for the wider, living in a completely new, alien country side of things...my brain can't comprehend that yet. Too much to think about. Very excited and daunted. I don't think I'll know that til I've been there a while!

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